Dr. Aney Paul’s Message

Greetings to all!!

Welcome to the newly-formed National Indian Nurse Practitioners Association of America (NINPAA). NINPAA currently has more than 50 members from 9 states. I am humbled and honored to be the first President of NINPAA. I want to personally acknowledge each and every one of you and extend my sincere appreciation to our great team, an excellent group of dedicated, hardworking, loyal office-bearers who helped to bring this organization to fruition. I am sure that together we can take NINPAA to new heights. Today is just the beginning.

NINPAA has Indian-American Nurse Practitioners of various specialties, and our mission is to facilitate and enable Indian Nurse Practitioners to ensure the best quality primary and specialty healthcare to all. We aim to promote professional excellence, career advancement, and quality healthcare through leadership, education, and advocacy by Nurse Practitioners. We are in our infancy stage; it is important to increase awareness of NINPAA as a professional organization and to network with healthcare organizations locally, nationally, and globally.

Since 2015 we had monthly conference calls and case presentations, discussing and sharing experiences to help improve our knowledge and we will continue that. We will help Nurse Practitioner students by mentoring, helping with clinical placements, and encouraging advanced degrees. We will promote a healthy community, and encourage members to actively participate in local and national Nurse Practitioner associations. We will work with local and national Indian Nurses Associations, as well as with the Association of Kerala Medical Graduates (AKMG) and the American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin (AAPI).

I want to thank all of the sponsors, and all those who submitted articles. I want to thank all the executive board members, committees, the directors-at-large, and the editorial board for their valuable contribution and it is a privilege to have a great team with great passion and dedication. Your support will help us move forward with our current and future initiatives.

Like any other professional group, leadership and member participation are vital forces that create a vibrant organization. There is power in numbers and certainly in unity. Let us work together, and together we can make a difference.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve. God bless you, and God bless America.

Aney Paul, DNP, PNP, MPH
NINPAA Founding President