About us


The vision of the National Indian Nurse Practitioners Association of America (NINPAA) is to promote professional excellence, career advancement, quality healthcare through leadership, education, and advocacy by Nurse Practitioners (NP).


The mission of NINPAA is to facilitate and enable Indian American Nurse Practitioners of all specialties to ensure the best quality primary and specialty
health care to all. NINPAA encourages networking at the state and national level and strives to provide educational and professional development of its members.

  • Identify best practices and promote high-quality outcomes
  • Professional Accountability and Reliability
  • Foster evidence-based practice through research and continuous quality improvement
  • Provide high-quality education and resources for members
  • Advocate for health care policies and collaborate with strategic partners in the policy arena

Nurse Practitioners’ Timeline

  • 1965: Dr. Loretta Ford and Dr. Henry Silver developed the Nurse Practitioner program at the University of Colorado.
  • 1967: Boston College initiates one of the earliest master’s programs for NPs.
  • 1968: Directed by a nurse and physician team, the Boston-based Bunker Hill/ Massachusetts General Nurse Practitioner Program begins.
  • 1985: A small group of visionaries convened under an apple tree in Pennsylvania to address the growing need for NPs of all specialties to have a unified voice. Thanks to their foresight, AANP has flourished and now represents the interests of over 222,000 NPs.